Improvised Fusion Solo

Here's a video showing David playing in one of his favourite musical settings; a modal vamp.

Free Guitar Lesson

David has a series of free guitar lessons on his YouTube channel. In this video we explore the sounds of the Super Locrian Natural 5 scale.

Improvisation on 'Spain'

Here we see David playing over one of his favourite tunes, Chick Corea's 'Spain'.

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Revamp your pentatonic playing
  • Huge online guitar lesson
  • 10 great backing tracks
  • 20 pentatonic lines in tab and video
  • 16 improvisation exercises
  • 30 minute HD video

Modern Jazz Fusion
David Bond is a modern jazz and fusion guitarist from Leeds, UK. He blends a complex harmonic vocabulary with fresh phrasing and a keen rhythmical sense. Explore his signature sounds within a nunber of improvised playing examples:

Free Guitar Lesson:
The Dorian Mode
Free online guitar lesson includes:
  • Detailed interactive online lesson
  • 3 backing tracks
  • 2 HD videos

About Bond Tuition

David Bond is a Leeds based guitarist and teacher specialising in fusion, jazz, metal, and blues. He studied at Leeds University, where he completed a BA Music degree. As well as being a musician, David is a professional software developer, so he decided to combine his two interests to build a large interactive website specialising in online guitar lessons, now known as Bond Tuition. David has played since a very young age, and constantly strives to better himself as a musician and teacher. He enjoys the challenge of developing new talent, watching them grow, and passing on the metaphorical torch.

Student Testimonials

Anthony - Canada

I really think this is a great option for people to learn. You have great descriptive videos. Anyone looking for a little more direction and cheap online guitar lessons could really get a lot out of them! I really like the format you have provided. Great explanation on lesson one. Having the recommended listen section rocks hard as well. I'm glad I signed up for the trial!

Dan Howarth age 33 - Leeds

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" goes the saying, but David defies this mantra.  At the age of 33, my wife wanted to get me some lessons for Christmas and she found David. For guitar lessons in Leeds, I would recommend David in a heartbeat.  He's patient, listens to you and always keeps the pace of learning challenging, without overloading you. He does lessons in his own home and lessons online, both through Skype, or a distance learning plan, where lessons are released to the Student area of his site at regular intervals.  If you're looking for a guitar tutor in Leeds, David's your man. Give him a try in person, as he has the talent to help you learn, and the equipment to let you hear how well you're progressing. His online guitar lessons are in HD quality and are paced at a comfortable level, and at just the right length.  I've been having in-person lessons since November 2011 and I couldn't be happier!

Khalil Habib, PhD - USA

The Pentatonic Scales Modernised PDF is outstanding. I can tell you are a fantastic teacher. Very structured and logical mind.

Josey Howarth age 34 - Leeds

David Bond has been my bass instructor for several months now.  Not only is David patient, working with me to develop a strong technique, he ensures that every lesson is fun as well as informative.  He always shows up with a smile and we laugh while learning.  He has always been willing to work with my odd schedule (as I have kept him informed ahead of time). One of the best parts about lessons with him is how he incorporates songs that I am interested in learning while also bringing in new songs and styles I am not familiar playing.  He's supportive and I could not think of anyone else I could recommend more for learning how to play no matter how skilled you are!